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Spring 2017



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January 18
Elizabeth Onasch, Visiting Assistant Professor, SUNY Plattsburgh, Dept. of Sociology

“Excluded by Definition: Representations of Immigrants in the French Civic Integration Program”

January 25
David Wu, Ph.D., M.B.A., Mechanical Engineer; Adjunct Lecturer, UI Department of Mechanical Engineering; UI Department of Management & Organizations “The Evolving Global Commercial Aircraft Industry; Emerging Competitors from China and Russia”
February 1
Don Lentedre, Dean & Professor, UI College of Pharmacy “The Global Impact of Drugs”
February 9
Maria Filippone, D.O., Medical Delegation to Gaza

“Gaza: To Exist is to Resist”

Wednesday, February 15 Corey Creekmur, Associate Professor, UI Cinema and Comparative Literature

“The Invisibility of Popular Indian Cinema in America”

Wednesday, February 22 Tama Baldwin, photographer, writer, Fulbright recipient

“Landscape in the Anthropocene: The High Arctic in the Time of Climate Change”

March 2
Blake Rupe, Digital Content Strategist, Entrepreneur, Adjunct Instructor, UI Global

“Health, Wealth, and Waste: Social Entrepreneurship in Global Health and Beyond”

March 9
Douglas Jones, Associate Professor, UI Department of Computer Science “The Election of 2016: Was It Hacked?”
March 23
Masa Yamamoto, J.D., Lecturer, Keio University; former Deputy Director, Securities & Exchange Surveillance Comsn., Japan; SJD (Ph.D.) student at UI “Bushido (Samurai Spirit) in Modern Japanese Culture, Sports and Military”
March 30
Karim Abdel-Malek, Ph.D., Senior Associate to the Provost; Professor, Biomedical
Engineering, UI
“The Economic and Refugee Crises
Confronting Jordan, An American Ally in the Middle East”
April 4
Howard Kerr, M.A., Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University; former Commanding Officer, U.S. Navy; Naval Advisor to President Ford

“Vietnam: 1968-1969 – New Leadership, Same Stalemate”

April 13
Jerry Anthony, Associate Professor, UI Dept. of Urban & Regional Planning; Uday Kumar, Professor, Mechanical Engineering

“Women’s Health & the Environment: Going Up in Smoke”

April 20
James “Woody” Watson, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Anthropology, Harvard University

“Culinary Nationalism: Fighting With Food”

April 26
Keith Porter, President, CEO, and Jen Smyser, Vice President, The Stanley Foundation

“An Update for The Stanley Foundation’s Programs, Priorities and Challenges”

May 3
Monica Correia, Associate Professor of 3-D Design; Dir., Undergraduate Studies Studio Division; Coordinator, UI Art & Art History

“Exploring the World of 3-D Design”

Thursday, May 11th Stella Burch Elias, Associate Professor of Law, University of Iowa College of Law

“Contemporary Immigration Impacts”