Stella Burch Elias, Thursday May 11, 2017

“Immigration and the Trump Administration’s First 100 Days” Watch this program During the 2016 presidential elections, candidate Trump made immigration law and policy a cornerstone of his campaign. Since assuming office on January 10, 2017, the Trump Administration has begun a far-reaching program of immigration reforms. The immigration policy choices that the new administration hasContinue reading “Stella Burch Elias, Thursday May 11, 2017”

Monica Correia, Wednesday May 3, 2017

“Exploring the World of 3D Design” Watch this program Monica Correia will discuss the art of designing and detail the many sources of inspiration for her work. Themes will include the intersection of art, technology, and nature. Monica will demonstrate the power that organic forms have to evoke emotions and express the ephemeral qualities ofContinue reading “Monica Correia, Wednesday May 3, 2017”

Keith Porter & Jen Smyser, Wednesday April 26, 2017

“The International Order Under Fire: Old Problems and New Threats” Watch this program Jennifer Smyser is  Vice President and Director of Policy Programming for the Stanley Foundation. She leads the Foundation’s team of policy professionals in advancing multilateral action to create fair, just, and lasting solutions to critical issues of peace and security. Foundation programmingContinue reading “Keith Porter & Jen Smyser, Wednesday April 26, 2017”

James “Woody” Watson, Thursday April 20, 2017

“Culinary Nationalism: Fighting with Food” Watch this program James Watson was one of the first students to study Chinese at the University of Iowa, earning a B.A. in 1965, and received his Ph.D. in 1972 at UC Berkeley. He was, until his retirement in 2011, Fairbank Professor of Chinese Society and Professor of Anthropology atContinue reading “James “Woody” Watson, Thursday April 20, 2017″

H.S. Udaykumar & Jerry Anthony, Thursday April 13, 2017

“Women’s Health and the Environment: Going Up in Smoke” Watch this program About one-third of the planet’s people use wood every day for fuel. Jerry Anthony and Udaykumar, along with colleagues across the University of Iowa, have been researching causes and consequences of firewood use in the developing world. This talk will focus on theContinue reading “H.S. Udaykumar & Jerry Anthony, Thursday April 13, 2017”

Howard Kerr, Tuesday April 4, 2017

“Vietnam: 1968-1969, New Leadership, Same Stalemate” Watch this program In mid-1968, President Nixon appointed Rear Admiral Elmo Zumwalt as the Commander of U.S. Naval Forces in Vietnam, with a promotion to Vice Admiral. The Navy had been in Vietnam since 1954 and this was the first Commander with a three-star rank. Howard Kerr accompanied theContinue reading “Howard Kerr, Tuesday April 4, 2017”

Karim Abdel-Malek, Thursday March 30, 2017

“Jordan: People, Culture, Challenges” Watch this program As a native from Jordan, Karim will share his experience growing up in the capital city of Amman. Jordan has historically been a strong ally of the US. Situated in the center of the Middle East’s many conflicts, bordering countries with significant turmoil, Jordan has accepted over oneContinue reading “Karim Abdel-Malek, Thursday March 30, 2017”

Masa Yamamoto, Thursday March 23, 2017

“Bushido (Samurai Spirit) in Modern Japanese Culture, Sports, and Military” Watch this program Masamichi “Masa” Yamamoto is a lawyer qualified in New York, an Adjunct Lecturer of Keio University Law School in Japan, and a former Deputy Director of the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission of Japan. He is currently enrolled in the S.J.D. programContinue reading “Masa Yamamoto, Thursday March 23, 2017”

Douglas Jones, Thursday March 9, 2017

“The Election 2016: Was It Hacked?” Watch this program In the lead-up top the presidential election of 2016, both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were quoted saying “the system is rigged.”  They meant very different things, but the as the election grew closer it became evident that hackers, probably Russian, were actively attempting to breakContinue reading “Douglas Jones, Thursday March 9, 2017”

Blake Rupe, Thursday March 2, 2017

“Health, Wealth, and Waste: Social Entrepreneurship in Global Health and Beyond” Watch this program Each person in the U.S., on average, creates 4.6 pounds of waste each day. What happens to that waste? It affects everything we do in several ways, ranging from human health to environmental wellness. This lecture will define the social andContinue reading “Blake Rupe, Thursday March 2, 2017”

Tama Baldwin, Wednesday February 22, 2017

“Landscape in the Anthropocene: The High Arctic in the Time of Climate Change”  Watch this program Tama will speak about the landscapes experienced though her work, which includes a book about wilderness civilizations, a collection of photographs of the far northern biome, as well as bodies of work on the absence of natural darkness andContinue reading “Tama Baldwin, Wednesday February 22, 2017”

Corey Creekmur, Wednesday February 15, 2017

“The Invisibility of Popular Indian Cinema in America” Watch this program Why is what is often identified as the “world’s largest cinema” virtually unknown in the United States?  This presentation will consider some of the circumstances that have allowed popular Indian cinema (somewhat controversially labeled as “Bollywood”) to be neglected or invisible in America, despiteContinue reading “Corey Creekmur, Wednesday February 15, 2017”

Maria Filippone, Thursday February 9, 2017

“Gaza: To Exist is to Resist” Watch this program Gaza, often referred to as the Gaza Strip, is a narrow piece of land approximately 24 miles long and four to seven miles wide. This home to 1.85 million persons is bound by a border closure by Egypt to the south, Israel to the west, andContinue reading “Maria Filippone, Thursday February 9, 2017”

Don Letendre, Wednesday February 1, 2017

“The Global Impact of Drugs” Watch this program From small communities to corporate enterprises, drugs and their impact are reshaping the healthcare and economic landscape, making the educational journey of today’s pharmacists highly demanding and competitive. Peoples’ perceptions about drugs and their impact on society are limited to what they see and read. During thisContinue reading “Don Letendre, Wednesday February 1, 2017”

David Wu, Wednesday January 25th, 2017

“The Evolving Global Commercial Aircraft Industry; Emerging Competitors from China and Russia” Watch this program This presentation will provide an overview of the current global commercial aircraft industry and potential future evolution. The current Mainline aircraft market is dominated by Boeing and Airbus, while Bombardier and Embraer dominate in the Regional category. The lecture willContinue reading “David Wu, Wednesday January 25th, 2017”

Elizabeth Onasch, Wednesday January, 18th, 2017

“Excluded by Definition: Representations of Immigrants in the French Civic Integration” Watch this program France established the “Reception and Integration Contract” for non-European migrants in the context of a perceived crisis of integration and a rise in right-wing populism. While the official purpose of this civic integration program is to facilitate migrants’ entry into societyContinue reading “Elizabeth Onasch, Wednesday January, 18th, 2017”