Adam Bobrow, Wednesday May 11, 2016

“U.S.—China Cyber Agreement: Is It Enough of a Good Thing?” Watch this program Cybertheft is a popular issue. I will offer my reflections on the continued need for concrete action to match the rhetoric of the norm against cybertheft. Informed observers have not yet detected a decline in the intrusions from China focused on U.S.Continue reading “Adam Bobrow, Wednesday May 11, 2016”

Jeffrey Ding, Tuesday May 3, 2016

“An Interest Group with Chinese Characteristics—The Role of National Oil Companies in the South China Sea” Watch this program Jeffrey Ding was born in Shanghai, China and raised in Iowa City since age three. Jeffrey is a UI Senior majoring in Political Science, Economics and Chinese. Jeffrey is the recipient of several prestigious academic awardsContinue reading “Jeffrey Ding, Tuesday May 3, 2016”

Joan Kjaer, Tuesday April 26, 2016

“Preserving the Magic and Poetry of Havana: A Delicate Dance” Watch this program Joan Kjaer directs the Communications and Relations unit of the International Programs at the University of Iowa.  She exercises strategic oversight and daily management of all facets of internal and external communications for the International Programs, international alumni relations, event management, andContinue reading “Joan Kjaer, Tuesday April 26, 2016”

Theodore Powers, Tuesday April 19, 2016

“Milestone Breakthroughs in the Fight Against AIDS in South Africa” Watch this program Theodore Powers is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Iowa and Research Associate with the Human Economy Program at the University of Pretoria. His research focuses on the politics of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in post-apartheid SouthContinue reading “Theodore Powers, Tuesday April 19, 2016”

Ron McMullen, Wednesday April 13, 2016

“Iowa, Heroin, and Afghanistan” Watch this program This presentation will focus on the connection between U.S counter-narcotics policy, the deteriorating rule of law situation in Afghanistan, and Iowa’s surge in opioid and heroin abuse. Ron McMullen, currently the University of Iowa’s Ambassador in Residence, served as U.S. Ambassador to the State of Eritrea.  Ron hasContinue reading “Ron McMullen, Wednesday April 13, 2016”

Hans House, Thursday April 7, 2016

“ZIKV, CHIKV, and Dengue: The Viral Gifts of the Tiger Mosquito” Watch this program Dr. House is a Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Iowa. He attended medical school at USC, and completed a dual residency in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine at UCLA. He also has a Diploma ofContinue reading “Hans House, Thursday April 7, 2016”

Craig Just, Tuesday March 29, 2016

“Rural Water Sustainability: Good Intentions Revisited” Watch this program In April 2009, Dr. Craig Just addressed the Iowa City Foreign Relations Council with his talk titled “To Hell With Good Intentions?: Reflections on the Consequences of ‘Saving the World’”. Since then, Dr. Just has continued his work in developing countries, focused mostly on sustainable waterContinue reading “Craig Just, Tuesday March 29, 2016”

Katherine Ryken, Tuesday March 22, 2016

“The Role of Physicians in Combating the Aftermath of Mass Rapes in Bosnia-Herzegovina” Watch this program Katherine Ryken is a third year medical student in the Carver College of Medicine with plans to pursue a residency in obstetrics and gynecology, with a focus on global health and human rights. Katie was the Fulbright Scholar to Bosnia-Herzegovina forContinue reading “Katherine Ryken, Tuesday March 22, 2016”

Nicholas Martini, Thursday March 10, 2016

“Foreign Policy and the Role of the Public” Watch this program Nicholas Martini is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science. He received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Iowa in 2012. His research focuses on the intersection of international relations and political behavior. His current research explores theContinue reading “Nicholas Martini, Thursday March 10, 2016”

Melissa Tully, Thursday March 3, 2016

“We Are One Kenya: Representations of the Nation, Leadership & Identity on Reality TV” Watch this program Melissa Tully studies digital media technologies, international communication with a focus on media in developing countries, and philanthropy and nonprofit communication. Tully has conducted research in Kenya, Ghana, and Burundi. Generally, her research focuses on the use ofContinue reading “Melissa Tully, Thursday March 3, 2016”

Victoria Morozov, Tuesday February 23, 2016

“Moldova’s Legacies for its Children & Families” Watch this program Victoria Morozov is the founder of The Moldova Project, a charitable trust organization that reaches out to Moldova’s most underprivileged and abused youth and offers resources and opportunity. A fierce advocate for the poor, Morozov has devoted her life to advocacy and serves as liaisonContinue reading “Victoria Morozov, Tuesday February 23, 2016”

Abdulaziz Al-Hussan, Tuesday February 16, 2016

“The Need for International Exposure to Human Rights Abuses in Saudi Arabia” Watch this program Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Al-Hussan is a lawyer and reformist born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In late 2011, following the Arab Spring, Al-Hussan represented the cases of political detainees and spoke out against government injustices via Twitter. After threat of travelContinue reading “Abdulaziz Al-Hussan, Tuesday February 16, 2016”

Maureen “Micki” McCue, Wednesday February 10, 2016

“The Global Humanitarian Movement to Abolish Nuclear Weapons: What, Why, Who and Where” Watch this program Dr. Maureen McCue has traveled, consulted, and worked extensively around the world as a physician, researcher, and peace maker. She served as physician to 500 US and Soviet Citizen Diplomats during the Cold War walking from Leningrad to MoscowContinue reading “Maureen “Micki” McCue, Wednesday February 10, 2016″

Carol Moss, Wednesday February 3, 2016

“Dissemination of the National Cervical Cancer Screening Program in the Guercif Province, Morocco: A Community Approach” Watch this program Carol Moss is a Research Associate in the UI Department of Family Medicine and a recent graduate of the UI College of Public Health (MS, Epidemiology) with a Graduate Certificate in Global Health Studies. She isContinue reading “Carol Moss, Wednesday February 3, 2016”

Sara Mitchell, Wednesday January 27, 2016

“Cross—Border Troubles? Interstate River Conflicts & Intrastate Violence” Watch this program Sara McLaughlin Mitchell is Professor of Political Science and Department Chair at the University of Iowa.  She received her Ph.D. in Political Science at Michigan State University in 1997 and her B.S degree in Economics and Political Science at Iowa State University in 1991. Continue reading “Sara Mitchell, Wednesday January 27, 2016”