Jim Leach, Thursday December 15, 2016

“Post-Election Perspectives for International Relations” Watch this program James A. Leach joined the Iowa College of Law after serving most recently as the Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Leach is best known for his 30 years of service as a representative in Congress where he chaired the Banking and Financial Services Committee,Continue reading “Jim Leach, Thursday December 15, 2016”

Zubair Shafiq, Thursday December 8, 2016

“Tracking and Surveillance in the Online Advertising Ecosystem” Watch this program A large fraction of services on the Internet are supported using online ads. Websites such as Google and Facebook rely on online advertising to support free services such as search, email, social networking, video, etc. In this talk, Zubair will highlight a new tussle inContinue reading “Zubair Shafiq, Thursday December 8, 2016”

Moe Shakally, Thursday December 1, 2016

“Bullets and Bombs: The Background Music for an Average Day in Damascus, Syria” Watch this program As the Syrian civil war continues, the average Syrian person is dehumanized to a number, a casualty, or a cost on a neighboring state. While the media has mainly been focused on the outflow of refugees, little is knownContinue reading “Moe Shakally, Thursday December 1, 2016”

Janice Weiner, Wednesday November 16, 2016

“The Sad State of Turkish Democracy: Why We Should Care” Watch this program Just a few short years ago, Turkey was viewed as an anchor of stability in the Middle East, a situation that is now changing rapidly. Following coups in 1960, 1971, and 1980, a new constitution designed to bring democracy and stability wasContinue reading “Janice Weiner, Wednesday November 16, 2016”

Janet Lyness, Liz Dupuich, David Gonzales, and Andy Rich, Thursday November 10, 2016

“Murder to Justice—Iowa to China: A Cross-National Collaboration” Watch this program “Tong Shao, a Chinese student, attending Iowa State University, was murdered in September 2014.  Her body was found on September 26, 2014 in Iowa City where her boyfriend, Xiangnan Li, lived.  The police investigation lead to the Johnson County Attorney’s Office obtaining an arrestContinue reading “Janet Lyness, Liz Dupuich, David Gonzales, and Andy Rich, Thursday November 10, 2016”

Michael Zmolek, Thursday November 3, 2016

“Seven Myths About Immigration” Watch this program Immigration flows and their regional impacts are increasingly taking center stage in global politics. With mainstream journalism focusing more on the reaction to immigration than on its causes, the result is that immigrants are widely vilified as (potential) criminals or even ‘rapists’, or more specifically as people whoContinue reading “Michael Zmolek, Thursday November 3, 2016”

Ambassador John Lange, Tuesday October 25, 2016

“Global Health and Sustainable Development” Watch this program From 1991 to 1995 at the U.S. Mission to the UN in Geneva, Lange managed humanitarian and refugee assistance channeled through international organizations.  He also had tours of duty in the State Department Bureaus of African Affairs, Western Hemisphere Affairs and Management in Washington and at U.S.Continue reading “Ambassador John Lange, Tuesday October 25, 2016”

zp dala, Thursday October 20, 2016

“Sister Wives: Female Comrades in South Africa’s Anti-Apartheid Struggles” Watch this program South Africa’s long struggle to transcend Apartheid has been widely documented, both pre- and post-democracy (1994), with an enduring focus on figures such as the late Dr. Nelson Mandela and the late Dr. Walter Sisulu. Less well-known are the stories of the womenContinue reading “zp dala, Thursday October 20, 2016”

Valon Murtezaj, Friday October 14, 2016

“U.S.-Kosovo Relations” Valon Murtezaj was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo in March 2016. Dr. Murtezaj was appointed to this position after a long and successful, professional and academic, experience. Before being appointed to this position, Murtezaj was Principal Advisor for Foreign Affairs and Deputy Chief of Staff to theContinue reading “Valon Murtezaj, Friday October 14, 2016”

H. Glenn Penny, Wednesday October 5, 2016

“German Iowa & the Global Midwest: How to Do Global History Locally” Watch this program German immigrants consistently accounted for the largest number of foreign-born people in Iowa from the 1850s through the 1970s. While today we focus on recent immigrants from Latin America and Southeast Asia, our state remains deeply impacted by an earlierContinue reading “H. Glenn Penny, Wednesday October 5, 2016”

Janine di Giovanni, Thursday September 29, 2016

“The Human Face of Middle East Refugee Crisis” Watch this program Janine di Giovanni, Middle East Editor of Newsweek, contributing editor of Vanity Fair and contributor to The New York Times and The Guardian, is one of Europe’s most respected and experienced reporters, with vast experience covering war and conflict. Her reporting has been called “established, accomplishedContinue reading “Janine di Giovanni, Thursday September 29, 2016”

Anna Barker & John Kenyon, Wednesday September 21, 2016

“Celebrating the City of Literature” Watch this program Iowa City is the only “City of Literature” in the United States, and the Iowa City Book Festival will celebrate books and writing by leveraging the unique mix of local resources that helped earn that designation. The oldest creative writing program in the country, and is regarded asContinue reading “Anna Barker & John Kenyon, Wednesday September 21, 2016”

Marina Zaloznaya & Bill Reisinger, Wednesday September 14, 2016

“Everyday Corruption in Russia & Ukraine; Who, Why and With What Consequences?” Watch this program Zaloznaya and Reisinger have conducted first-of-their-kind surveys that reveal how Russian and Ukrainian citizens interact with a variety of officials and how often corruption plays a part. They will share their findings about which patterns emerge and why they matterContinue reading “Marina Zaloznaya & Bill Reisinger, Wednesday September 14, 2016”

Raj Rajagopal, Wednesday September 7, 2016

“Iowa’s Award-Winning India Winterim Program” Watch this program The Iowa India Winterim program is an intensive, three-week  field-based study-abroad program that provides students with the opportunity to learn from and directly interact with social entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions within India’s diverse cultural, socioeconomic, and geographical mosaic. Each course in the program is basedContinue reading “Raj Rajagopal, Wednesday September 7, 2016”

Christopher D. Roy, Thursday September 1, 2016

“Continuity and Change in the Political and Cultural Life of a Small West African Country” Watch this program The Iowa City Foreign Relations Council presents an expert in the field of African art, Professor Christopher Roy. In his myriad of adventures throughout the past 45 years in Burkina Faso, he has observed a multitude ofContinue reading “Christopher D. Roy, Thursday September 1, 2016”

Wenfang Tang, Tuesday August 23, 2016

“Chinese Political Culture and Authoritarian Regime Resiliency” Watch this program Traditionalism. Communism. Liberalism. All these values and more are evident in current Chinese political culture, but with the coming of China’s political modernization or lack thereof the cohesion of these ideologies will forever change the future of China and her global influence. ICFRC presents a master ofContinue reading “Wenfang Tang, Tuesday August 23, 2016”