Janice Weiner, Wednesday December 9, 2015

“The Collapse of the Berlin Wall; The Reunification of East & West Germany” Watch this program Janice G. Weiner was a career member of the U.S. Foreign Service for nearly 26 years.  She then worked for two years as professional issues and policy adviser for the American Foreign Service Association.  Her first Foreign Service assignmentContinue reading “Janice Weiner, Wednesday December 9, 2015”

Resmiye Oral, Tuesday December 1, 2015

“International Systems Building on Child Protection: From the University of Iowa to Turkey and Beyond…” Watch this program This presentation will summarize the collaboration between the U of I Child Protection Program leadership and numerous universities in Turkey, multiple ministries including the Ministries of Health, Justice, Education, Interior, and Social Services, and non-governmental organizations. TheContinue reading “Resmiye Oral, Tuesday December 1, 2015”

Jennifer Blair, Wednesday November 18, 2015

“Crossing Cultural Lines and Changing Students’ Minds: Tippie’s International Buddies Program” Watch this program In 2014 the Tippie College of Business was home to 498 international students, with a further 691 declared as pre-business majors.  Together, these students constitute around 22% of the business and pre-business population at the University of Iowa.  The rise inContinue reading “Jennifer Blair, Wednesday November 18, 2015”

Rebecca Arnold, Wednesday November 11, 2015

 “Capacity Strengthening for Health Communication in Bangladesh” Watch this program Rebecca Arnold is a global health professional specializing in health communication and behavior change. She works for Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs and has been based in Dhaka, Bangladesh since 2012. Currently, she is the Director of BKMI, a USAID-funded project that providesContinue reading “Rebecca Arnold, Wednesday November 11, 2015”

James D. Fielder, Wednesday November 4, 2015

“Putting Theory into Practice: Applying Political Science To Afghanistan Operations” Watch this program In this presentation, Lieutenant Colonel James Fielder, USAF discusses how he applied two political science models to respectively improve Afghan Air Force communications and to forecast the 2014 Afghan Presidential election outcome, the latter which drove force protection decisions for fellow AirmenContinue reading “James D. Fielder, Wednesday November 4, 2015”

Ahmed Souaiaia, Wednesday October 28, 2015

“Genealogy & Ideology of ISIL & its Future” Watch this program The organization known today simply as the “Islamic State” has historical and ideological roots that go beyond the territories it now controls. These deep roots give ISIL confidence that it will succeed but give others reason that it will fail. Mixing a puritan religiousContinue reading “Ahmed Souaiaia, Wednesday October 28, 2015”

Todd J. Edwards, Tuesday October 20, 2015

“Après Paris: COP21 as the Climate Action Runway” Watch this program Climate change is one of the most complex challenges of our time and there is no answer yet in sight for solving the global commons dilemma before it is too late, now with the critique that the formal international negotiation process reached a gridContinue reading “Todd J. Edwards, Tuesday October 20, 2015”

Rachel Rose, Wednesday October 14, 2015

“Creating and Nourishing Community Through Poetry & Food” Watch this program Food literacy is a growing concern for industrialized nations such as Canada and the U.S.  Today’s children are the first generation whose life expectancy is less than that of their parents.  According to the Harvard School of Public Health, sugary drinks such as sodaContinue reading “Rachel Rose, Wednesday October 14, 2015”

Eric Tate, Thursday October 8, 2015

“Monsoon Harvests: Water Sustainability & Rainwater Harvesting in South India” Watch this program Rainwater harvesting, a “soft path” approach towards water management, is increasingly recognized as a key strategy for combating food insecurity and water scarcity.  This presentation uses the South India as a case study to explore the social, economic, and environmental dimensions ofContinue reading “Eric Tate, Thursday October 8, 2015”

Ray McGovern & Coleen Rowley, Tuesday September 29, 2015

“Can We Wade Out of the Big Muddy and Get Back to Some Moral High Ground?” Watch this program Ray McGovern was an Army officer in the early 60s, then a CIA analyst from the administration of John Kennedy to that of George H.W. Bush. Ray prepared the President’s Daily Brief for Nixon, Ford, andContinue reading “Ray McGovern & Coleen Rowley, Tuesday September 29, 2015”

Rochelle Potkar, Tuesday September 22, 2015

 “Putting Childhood Back into the Child: Rights and Realities of Children In India” Watch this program Rochelle Potkar is the author of The Arithmetic of Breasts and Other Stories, and has three works in progress—a novel, a book of prose, and a book of poetry. Widely published online and in print, Rochelle is the co-editor of Neesah magazine,Continue reading “Rochelle Potkar, Tuesday September 22, 2015”

Andrey Sazonov, Wednesday September 16, 2015

 “Ramzan Kadyrov, Leader of Chechnya: Putin’s Frenemy?” Watch this program Ramzan Kadyrov is currently serving as a head of the Chechen Republic and is notorious for being the most prominent and controversial figure in the North Caucasus region of Russia and for having a very close relationship with Vladimir Putin. Over the years Chechen leaderContinue reading “Andrey Sazonov, Wednesday September 16, 2015”

Tibi Galis, Wednesday September 9, 2015

“Early Prevention of Mass Atrocities: Fulfilling Our Responsibility to Protect” Watch this program Many scholars argue that had the world known about the horrors of the holocaust, something would have been done to stop the systematic ethnic cleansing. Today, such genocides still exist throughout the world yet it seems nothing is done to alleviate them. Continue reading “Tibi Galis, Wednesday September 9, 2015”

Mariola Espinosa, Wednesday September 2, 2015

“Cuba, US, and Public Health: A History of Strained Relations” Watch this program As tensions between the United States and Cuba begin fitfully to subside, a better understanding of the sources of the strained relationship between the two countries can help illuminate potential stumbling blocks to further progress.  One often-overlooked point of contention over the pastContinue reading “Mariola Espinosa, Wednesday September 2, 2015”

Anne Villamil, Tuesday August 25, 2015

“Implications of the Conflict between Greece & the EU” Watch this program Greece’s financial woes dominate headlines across the globe, with images of angry citizens and protests across the Internet. Greece has requested a third bail out from the European Union and its creditors. How did Greece get to be in this crisis? What stepsContinue reading “Anne Villamil, Tuesday August 25, 2015”