Dan Caplan and University of Iowa Students, Thursday, May 9th, 2019

“University of Iowa Students’ Experience with the International Student Observership Program in India”

Watch this program!

Dr. Caplan participates in intramural dental practice and studies outcomes related to endodontic treatment; decision-making in endodontics; relationships between oral and systemic diseases; and evaluation of diagnostic tests. He has put together numerous global research programs for University of Iowa dental students and global health students including the Pondicherry International Student Observership Program that Kayla and Monika will be discussing with him.
Kayla Erps photo
Kayla grew up in Grimes, Iowa and is a second year student at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry. She is very passionate about community outreach, working with underprivileged populations, and traveling the world! Kayla is excited to share her experiences from India with you all and hope to paint a vivid picture for you that will be informative, educational, and eye-opening.
Picture_Monika Reddy Bhuma.png
Monika is a student of the Iowa Institute of Public Health Research and Policy. She has been in health case competitions and global projects focused on sustainability and global health.

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