Jonathan Carlson, Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019

Jon Carlson“The End of Multilateralism and the Post-WWII International Order?”

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For nearly 75 years, the United States has championed a world order based on multilateral cooperation and the rule of law. While U.S. policies have never matched U.S. rhetoric over that time period, it would be fair to say that the United States has been a leader in promoting and supporting a rule-based international order. Professor Carlson will examine the Trump Administration’s actions and rhetoric with respect to the international rule of law and consider whether the Trump administration’s behavior reflects a sharp change from the past or merely a more honest and straightforward presentation of a longstanding “American First” approach.
An honors graduate of the University of Chicago School of Law where he served as Topics and Comments Editor of the University of Chicago Law Review, Professor Carlson began his legal career clerking for Judge Alvin B. Rubin of the Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Thereafter, he entered private practice with the Washington, DC, law firm of Patton, Boggs & Blow. He joined the faculty of the University of Iowa College of Law in 1983.
Professor Carlson’s research focuses on international law and the environment. He is the author of several law review articles, co-author of International Environmental Law and World Order: A Problem-Oriented Coursebook, and editor of International Law and World Order: Basic Documents (Transnational Publishers, 5 vols., 1994–).
Professor Carlson frequently lectures abroad, In Fall 2006 he served as the Fullbright/FLAD Distinguished Chair in International Commercial Trade and Business Law at Portuguese Catholic University in Lisbon. In Spring 2017, he was the Fulbright Distinguished Professor in Law at the University of Trento, in Trento, Italy.

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