Rob Hogg, Thursday, October 30, 2014

Book Rob Hogg Official 07-01-13 (1) “Climate & Sustainability: The Defining Challenge of Our Century

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 According to NASA and the National Climate Data Center, August 2014 has gone in the record books on a world-wide scale as the hottest August to ever be  recorded.  Climate change is a pressing issue that requires national action by the United States and international American leadership.  This is the world we live in,  and every American has the right to become more informed, more involved, and more expressive to fight against climate change and for sustainability.

Rob Hogg is a state senator from Cedar Rapid serving his second term consecutive in the Iowa House.  He is a native of Iowa City, graduated from the University  of Iowa in 1988 with a degree in history, obtained his M.A. in Public Policy in 1991 and J.D. in 1995, both from the University of Minnesota.  In the Iowa  Legislature,  Senator Hogg is recognized as a leader in energy and disaster preparedness.  In 2013, Senator Hogg published a book, “America’s Climate Century”,  which he says is  the most succinct, accessible, patriotic and practical book available for busy citizens about the climate problem and climate action.

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