Jeff Murray, January 21, 2014

jim murray“Differing Approaches to Pediatric Disease in International Settings”

Watch the program here.

Dr. Jeff Murray will describe his efforts to build programs which address the problems of newborn infants in low income settings, including birth defects and preterm birth.  He will address the challenges of building a basic and translational research program, and the contrasts in approaches used by federally-funded work and that of private foundations.  He will also examine the unique opportunities and challenges of both approaches.

Dr. Murray has been at the University of Iowa for 28 years. He holds a primary appointment in Pediatrics and joint appointments in Epidemiology, Nursing, Dentistry and Biology. His lab researches the genetic and environmental causes of birth defects and preterm birth. His work has involved international studies in the Philippines, India, Denmark, Argentina, Brazil, Lebanon and Japan. He has contributed to over 400 peer-reviewed publications, is an elected member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, and was President of the American Society of Human Genetics.  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a strong supporter of his work on preterm birth in low and middle income countries.

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