Prof. Jon Carlson, September 10, 2013

carlson_jon_umbrella“Reining in Phaeton’s Chariot: Principles for the Governance of Climate”

Watch the program here.

Climate engineering is generally defined as the deliberate modification of large-scale Earth systems in order to change the climate.  The most widely discussed form of climate engineering is the injection of particles into the stratosphere to block sunlight and cool the Earth.  Increasingly, scientists and policymakers are seriously considering the use of climate engineering techniques to cool the Earth and offset the warming impact of rising atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations.  This talk discusses the dangers posed by climate engineering and argues that it should be subject to an international governance regime rather than being controlled exclusively by national governments.

Professor Jonathan Carlson is a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School and McGill University, and also a proud native of North Dakota. He has lived in Iowa and taught at the University of Iowa College of Law for 30 years. His current teaching and research interests are focused on how international law can be effectively used to address pressing global environmental problems.

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