Dr. Paul Greenough, April 4, 2013

greenough“The Rise, Fall & Rise of International Studies on College Campuses”

Watch the program here.

The international landscape is one of constant change. Universities and scholars must adapt to meet the challenges of this ever-shifting international scene. Dr. Greenough will address changes and trends in the development of international studies programs.

Dr. Paul Greenough is a professor of modern Indian history and environmental and global health history at the University of Iowa. In addition to his keen interest in public health, specifically immunization, he is also an expert in the social and environmental history of India.

Dr. Greenough will be sharing his insights on international studies programs on college campuses, a topic with which Dr. Greenough has significant experience. In the late 1970’s he helped establish the Center for International and Comparative Studies (CICS) at Iowa, a forerunner of International Programs. His first National Resource Center work, in the late 1980’s, fed into a federal grant of $60,000 to support the Center of International Rural and Environmental Health (CIREH). He helped establish the interdisciplinary Global Health Studies program program and directed it from 1994-2007

He worked closely with the Ford Foundation to create the UI-Grinnell Bridging and the Crossing Borders Program, ambitious programs which benefit faculty and graduate students from different fields with international implications.

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