Prof. Ahmed E. Souaiaia, March 25, 2013

Professor Ahmed E. Souaiaia, The Arab Spring: Syria & Bahrain

“The Arab Spring: Syria & Bahrain”

Video unavailable.

The protests and demonstrations which began in Tunisia in December 2010 have swept across the Arab world, causing the overthrow of numerous governments and the transformation of societies. Professor Souaiaia will provide an overview of the transformative events of the Arab Spring, discussing the difference between the uprisings that ended the rules of Ben Ali and Mubarak, the armed rebellions in Libya and Syria, and the potential for an new order in the Gulf States. He will further address the current situations in Syria and Bahrain.

Professor Ahmed E. Souaiaia holds joint appointments
in International Studies, Religious Studies, and the College of Law at the University of Iowa. His primary research and teaching interests are Islamic law, social justice in Islamic society, women in Islamic societies, and the politics and religion of Islamic civilization. He is the author of a number of books, articles, and essays. He serves on the editorial and advisory boards of several academic journals and professional institutions. He is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the “Journal of Islamic and Judaic Multidisciplinary Studies.”


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