Dr. Karim Abdel-Malek, March 5, 2013

Santos“SANTOS: The Virtual Soldier”

Watch the program here.

Santos® is a computer program developed over the past 10 years by a large team of researchers at the Virtual Soldier Research Center at the University of Iowa. It is a human simulator that aids in the reduction of load for the US Marines, tests new equipment, and helps design new vehicles for the manufacturing industry.  Santos operates inside a computer and can check for all types of scenarios before the equipment or vehicle is built, thus reducing cost and time.

Dr. Karim Abdel-Malek is internationally recognized in the areas of robotics and human Maleksimulation.  He is a Professor of  Biomedical Engineering at the University of Iowa.  He is also the Director of the Center for Computer Aided Design, a world renowned research center consisting of 6 units.  Dr. Malek leads projects with all branches of the US Military (US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, and the US Marines), and several industry partners including Ford, GM, Chrysler, Rockwell Collins, Caterpillar, and others. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in robotics from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Jordan. Dr. Abdel-Malek serves on several national and international conference committees and also serves as the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Human Modeling and Simulation.

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