Kathy Kelly, September 12, 2012

“The Cost of War, The Price of Peace”

Watch the program here.

Following a month-long trip to Afghanistan, Kelly will speak to the ICFRC about Afghan Peace Volunteers, their perspectives on their country’s future relationship with NATO and the ISAF, and methods of nonviolent resistance used by Afghans to demonstrate against US warfare. Kelly, co-coordinator of the Chicago-based Voices for Creative Non-violence, an organization that campaigns to end US direct and economic warfare. She’s no stranger to the fruits of conflict – after spending seven years from 1996-2003 bringing badly-needed supplies to children and families in Iraq, she lived through the 2003 “Shock and Awe” campaign in Baghdad, as well as 2009’s Israeli action “Operation Cast Lead” in the Gaza strip. She is returning now from her third month-long trip to Afghanistan, where she lived among ordinary Afghan people.

Kelly received a B.A from Loyola University at Chicago and a Masters in Religious Education from the Chicago Theological Seminary. She has written, contributed, and been published in more than 23 newspapers and websites. Additionally, she has received approximately 40 awards in areas of free speech, peace, social justice, and war resistance. Kelly has been nominated three times for the Nobel peace prize.

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