Sally Mason, August 28, 2012

Sally Mason President of the University of Iowa Studio portrait“The University of Iowa as a Global Institution”

Watch the program here.

President Mason, fresh from a UI recruitment trip to several cities in China and Taiwan, lectured the audience on the importance of expanding international ties between students and universities – as well as how much the UI has done in that arena.”International education and the internationalization of our students remains a core focus of the globalization of our campus,” Mason said, highlighting the UI’s Hong Kong MBA program as well as the growing number of international undergraduates attending school at Iowa.At the same time, more and more Iowa students are studying overseas. As Mason pointed out, the share of Iowa undergrads who have done so is nearing 20%.”We think it’s important to encourage our students to study languages, cultures, and histories of other peoples around the world,” Mason said. “We also think it’s important obviously to learn in diverse environments. Interacting with people, cultures, and ideas that are different than their own has been a strong foundational approach we have in the curriculum that we try to deliver.”

Mason highlighted alumni connections during her lecture, pointing out the many successful government officials, business leaders, and journalists living and working in Asia who have graduated from Iowa.


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