Alan Brody, June 7, 2012

“Human Rights Hypocrisies in the ‘Holy Land’”

No video available.

Alan Brody will present excerpts from the memoir of his youth, most of which describe the experiences of his 1967 trip to Europe and Israel. He will also reflect on his present-day thoughts about the continuing conflict between Israelis and their Palestinian and Arab neighbors. Brody is allotted an hour and a half, during which he will speak, offer a short break, and continue with some Q. and A.

Alan Brody entered the International Realm in 1967 when he participated in a Jewish Study Mission to Europe and Israel. At only 20-years-old his perception of the world changed to include what he had learned about the Holocaust response of “Never Again”, and the related Zionist vision of a Jewish homeland in Israel. Shortly after, Brody joined the Peace Corps in Ghana, where he met his wife, Mary, and settled for almost ten years. Before coming to Iowa in 1978, Brody worked in other Third World countries where he developed empathy and an ability to identify with aspirations of Third World peoples. For many years he has experienced an internal conflict that is similar to the competing narratives that Israelis and Palestinian Arabs have been struggling over for the past six decades and more.

Brody is originally from Indiana, Pennsylvania. He studied English and Creative Writing as an undergraduate at Yale, served in the Peace Corps, and then came to Iowa to pursue a Ph. D. in Journalism and Mass Communication. From 1984-2006 he worked for UNICEF in Nigeria, Turkey, Afghanistan, China, and Swaziland, where he spent six years as a representative. After UNICEF, Brody returned to Iowa City where he currently resides.

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