Wojciech Przyblyski, April 6, 2012

Wojciech Przblyski

“The Political Scene in V4 Countries and the Perception of the USA”

Watch the program here.

As President of the Res Publica Foundation (and Editor-in-Chief of the Res Publica Nowa Quarterly), Mr. Wojciech Przyblyski belongs to the Free Speech Partnership, a network of editors from intellectual and cultural journals in former Soviet Republics established to undertake joint publishing projects. Specializing in recruiting high-level experts for analysis and critical evaluation for their seminars, conferences, and publications, he and his organizations are at the center of Central European political debates today.

Read Mr. Przblyski’s publications:

On Friday April 6th, the Foreign Relations Council hosted Mr. Przyblyski for a lecture-luncheon, and he shared his thoughts on the history and current political developments in the Visegrad Group (also known as the V4), a coalition of four central European countries committed to working in tandem on a number of political, economic, and other relevant issues. He spoke extensively on a variety of topics, including the definition of “central Europe” (East of the West and West of the East!) and how this ambiguous geographical position has affected sociopolitical discourses on identity and aspirations of the Visegrad member nations. As all V4 countries are members of the European Union, Mr. Przyblyski walked us through the unique ways in which the Eurozone debt crisis affected Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.  Our lecturer remarked on the current environmental issues facing V4 nations, and commented on the state of journalistic freedom in Poland (read more here and here).

The Visegrad Group

At each of our lectures, we present our audience members with trivia cards to see how well they stack-up in their knowledge of international history and affairs.


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